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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Somplace Soft To Sleep

My dogs love to arrange and rearrange their blankets till they're just right, then they snuggle down into them. They nest. Sometimes they drag their blankets from room to room with them. One of the kindest things we can do for a homeless, shelter animal is to give it something soft to arrange and curl up in, to stay warm in, and to help fight off the fears.

A couple times a year I take a pile of blankets to our local shelter, C.A.R.E. I knit the blankets from leftover yarn or yarn I find on sale. Color doesn't matter. I usually knit stripes just to make it less boring for me. My favorite stitch for a dog blanket is a double seed stitch because it has some thickness for softer bedding.

There is a web site called The Snuggles Project that helps support animal shelters by encouraging their members to make blankets for the animals. They provide patterns to anyone, you don't have to be a member.

They have sewing patterns, including these Easy Sew Snuggles.

This is the stitch for the Quick Easy Crochet Snuggle.

Another crochet pattern is this Double Crochet V Crochet Snuggle.

All the dogs and cats shown in this post are waiting in shelters for a new safe, forever home. That is the very best gift, but in the meantime, they'll appreciate a new blankie.

This is a knitted pattern for the Little Devil Snuggle.

This pattern, also knitted, is called My Favorite Snuggle.

Remember a blanket can be any size, dogs come in all sizes, any color, dogs love even those colors we think are too ugly to wear, any pattern. Just make it soft with a tight weave. Lacy, open patterns make it too easy for a big dog to catch a nail and much too easy for a puppy to find a place to start chewing.

I Wait
by Karen Tracer

days into nights
nights into days
I wait
for someone
to like me.

an array of people
pass by
to me
I wait.

I do my antics
I strut my stuff
I sit
chest puffed out
I bark
I purr
I wait.

I am homeless
no family
no master
no love
I wait.

I wait
for someone
to like me
to love me
take me home.

I dream
I wait
I am homeless
like me
love me


  1. I have heard of the Snuggle Project but have not yet given any blankets directly to them. Have however had a drive for blankets, food, toys etc for one of the Animal Control shelters in our area. All those blankets you have done is a great project and make some poor pups a little more comfy while they are waiting. Not only is it good for them but since none of us can adopt all the pups & kitties, we can do things like the snuggles for them to help out or even donations. Good Job!!!!!
    Ernie & Sasha's Mom

  2. Oh goodness... I'm trying not to click on a certain terrier mix up there... I crochet snuggles, but the Knight or a friend delivers for me; I want to bring everyone home when I go!

  3. I'm with Chan--I can't deliver the blankets to the shelter either. I give them to my niece who volunteers there. I want to bring every dog home and give it a safe, loving home. Last time I went to the shelter, I left sobbing.

  4. wonderful post! i wish i were skilled at crafts...

  5. A lovely post, thanks for sharing the patterns for blankets.

  6. What a great project! BTW, I love that first picture, how cute and sweet!


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