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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Here Come The Holidays -Part 4: Gifts For Our Friends

If you have pet lovers on your shopping list, relax, we have loads of ideas for holiday gifts they'll love. Here are some of our favorites

We have sleigh bells on our doors. Originally we had them for decoration, but Bentley taught us that dogs are so smart, they can ring a bell when they want to go out. We've never had to teach our dogs to do this. They teach each other. If I'm in another room and hear the sleigh bells, it means someone needs to go outside.

Everyone needs key chains. I don't drive, but I carry my keys at all times because Samba has locked me out of the house on occasion. Even if your friend doesn't need a new key chain, these can be used as purse ornaments or the little charms can be transferred to a charm bracelet. They come in all breeds and generic for those wonderful mixed breeds.

My pack has a toy box, though it's not nearly as fancy as this one. They love their toy box and check it all the time to see if anything new has shown up. It's also nice to have a box with a lid, so if company is coming you can stick the mess inside and close it.

These stickers are very important. They let emergency workers know how many pets you have and what species they are. If a fire starts when you're not home, these stickers could save the lives of your pets. We have them posted beside each door.

Each of the gifts shown above, plus many more are available at Jeffers Pet.

Garden flags are very popular.

You can find almost any breed of dog and cats, too on beautifully colorful small flags. Several types of holders are also available.

How about some refrigerator magnets? There are lots of different styles to choose from.
The flags and magnets and lots of other ideas can be found at Dog. com.

I like to give sweatshirts and mugs to my pet loving friends and my favorite place for both is Cafe Press. They have hundreds of styles for any breed. If you can't find exactly what you want, they'll even make up your own design.

Here is a gift sure to be appreciated by human and dog alike. It's even better if you fill it in advance with yummy treats. It's from Sit-Stay.

Here's an idea I really like. You know that neighbor down the street that never picks up after their dog? How about a dog poop ornament for their tree. Include a little package of poop bags with it. Maybe they'll get the message. It's not real dog poop, it's resin, but the meaning is still there. You can find this little gem at Sit-Stay.

Probably my favorite gift for any occasion is a book. I love to give them and I love to receive them. Check the Shelfari bookshelf on the sidebar for lots of great books about dogs. You can always go to Amazon and search for dogs and you'll find thousands of titles.

If you have a PWD person on your list, it's gotten easier to find breed specific gifts this year. It's nice to have friends in high places and Bo Obama has helped PWD lovers. Yesterday I actually found a PWD calendar in the mall. Every year I've looked and they never had one before.

A Portuguese lady came up with this neat design and has a shop selling all sorts of PWD items. Note that the jacket of the dog is made up of the letters H2O. Her shop is here.

Whenever possible I like to buy from places where my money will go to help others. The various breed clubs and shelters and rescue organizations usually have some holiday items for sale. The money you spend at these places will actually go to helping the animals. One of my favorites is Calimel Cares. It's owned by a PWD owner who donates 100% of the profits to the PWD Foundation. The Foundation does research into diseases that affect Portuguese Water Dogs. The research helps all dogs and in some cases humans.

Use your imagination and surprise you animal loving friends with some unique gifts designed for them.


  1. Cool Posts! I love the dog doodoo ornament! There are a few that come to the local bike trail I would like to give them too! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Hi Sue,

    Thank you for sharing all those cool shopping sites. I simply must go and have look! :)


  3. What fun! I had bells for a couple of years, until the Knight flung each set into the far corners of the room(s). Sigh...

  4. The dog poop ornament is my favorite, too. What a great idea.

  5. I have a basset keychain - it's lost a charm or two over the years, but . . .

    Love the poop idea and the embroidery design - wouldn't that have been great. Can I say we were at the mall on Tuesday and I always get either a blood or basset hound calendar. They had neither this year (aren't popular enough) but they had PWDs!

    Hope you're feeling better :) g


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