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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Not Only For Knitters

OK, It's come to my attention that in my last post about making toys for pets and shelter animals, all but one of the examples and patterns I listed were knitted. What was I thinking? Well, you see I'm a knitter, so I get carried away sometimes when I come across cute knitting patterns. Ask my husband. We have boxes and notebooks full of knitting patterns. I figure I'll need to live to be at least 200 years old to knit up all the things I want to make and that doesn't include the cross stitch patterns and sewing patterns.

So to remedy my error, I'm doing this second post for you crocheters and sewers and those of you who don't do any of the above.

How about crocheting up a turtle for someone furry to love.

Want to crochet a dog bone?

Make a whole pond full of fish.

Every kitty would like a few catnip mice.

This fishy and the octopus, star and bird can all be found at the same place.

Try them. They can be made up in no time at all.

Aren't these furry mice cute. Any cat or kitten would be crazy about them.

While you have your crochet hooks out, how about a hamster hideout?

For those of you who prefer the sewing machine, here are a couple ideas for you.

A dog stuffie, with or without squeaker. The shelters might actually prefer to not have squeakers. Having ten dogs of my own, I know how noisy it can get with everyone squeaking at the same time.

There are several sewn toys such as a daisy and fish at this site. They didn't have pictures, but they have patterns and instructions. Check them out. Try making them from an old pair of jeans that are worn out or too tight.

Now for those of you who don't knit, crochet or sew, you don't get off the hook. How about a no sew blanket? They're quick and easy and awfully cute. I know several people who tell me they're also addictive.

You may wind up making these fleece blankets for everyone on your gift list.

So now I think I've included everyone. Let's all make something for a shelter animal.


  1. Husbands, stand back! Sue has given her blog friends no excuses to make those piles, drawers, boxes and file cabinets, stuffed with odd and end material, balls of yarn, stringy stuff, disappear.

    Now it is up to you to clear out the garage. It has been on your list for how many years now?

    Best Wishes for a great holiday season. I will bet you will find some tennis balls and frisbees that can be dusted off and brought to the shelters also.

    Robert The Gray One

  2. Those are adorable. Makes me want to learn to knit.. I bet my cat would love a catnip-stuffed fish.

  3. my momster is not a great craftwoman, but even she can try to make the super cute blankie... i want one... NOWWWW!!! BOL! Thanks for sharing these great ideas!


  4. Those are great patterns!

    (I think Rob is a bit ambitious, both on your behalf and mine. I would wear out my hands before I could use up the yarn around here.)

  5. Woo Hoo - Mom is thrilled with these ideas. Thank you so much for posting about them.

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  6. My stash is mostly sock yarn, but I have enough of it to last through the rest of my lifetime, and several others, too. Yet I can't resist a bargain when I see it on sale. What can I say...I'm weak!

    Those no-sew blankets are so very addictive. I made batches of them at a time for a local no-kill cat sanctuary. I buy fleece whenever I see it on clearance -- the kittys aren't picky about colors. :-)

  7. OH This is a wonderful post! I vow to make something and bring it to our shelter......


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