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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Here Come The Holidays- Part 1: Collars

We all like to dress up for the holidays and some of us like to dress our pets up, too. Some of our dogs really get into this dressing up stuff. I have several that enjoy it and seem to think they look pretty sharp when they're wearing something new. Here are some suggestions for holiday collars for our dogs. Many of these are also available for cats.

This is cute, but it's only a matter of time till it drives either you or your dog crazy. Imagine hearing those bells constantly day in and day out thru the stressful holiday season. In my opinion this is one of those collars that is only used for picture taking, but if you have nerves of steel, go for it. It's available at

This is pretty for pictures and it's much quieter than the jingle bells. I'm not sure how well the dog would like it flopping around on it's neck. Mine would probably try to get it off, but if you have a calm pup, it's a nice festive collar. It's available at Pet

Maybe your pet would be more comfortable in a traditional bandana style. This is nice for the boys who don't want anything too frilly. This can also be personalized. It can be found at

Maybe you want a real serviceable day to day collar in a holiday print. There are some wonderful choices available online. You can choose the print and the type of fastener and get a matching leash, too. Some of these are also available in harness style. Here is just a sample.

Snowflakes are good for the whole winter season.

Trees are neat and simple.

Holly and toys.

Candy canes.

A simple string of lights can be festive.

Trees on a red background. It probably shows dirt less than the white collars.

We don't want to forget our dog friends that celebrate Hanukkah.

The above collars are all found at 3 Dirty

There are other holiday prints where you can pick the print and the collar will be made to your specifications.

Each of these prints are among the choices.

These prints can be made into collars and matching leashes. They are from Collar

If your dogs or some of the dogs on your shopping list are the Scottish breeds, consider a new tartan collar. These are very handsome and good for year round wear. There are many different plaids available to choose from. They can be found at Tartan

Remember, even if your dog is all set for collars, they make great gifts for friends. And just like shoes, you can never have too many collars.


  1. I agree on that last sentence that you can't have too many collars! I have tons :)

  2. We have velvet ruffs with bells on them. I would so love to buy them Christmas collars - those are really nice ones in your post, but with their thick coats, you can hardly see their collars. Maybe we will look at some bandannas.

    Thanks for a very nice post.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  3. Great collars! Hmmm... I'll have to swing by the pet shops at the beach and see what they have...

  4. Collar Mania is a great site. I haven't personally ordered from them, but I know a lot of happy customers.

    I should get a holiday collar for Marge. Hopefully not too many people will get the chance to see it (hoping for small crowds this year, so Marge isn't overwhelmed) but I think our immediate family and friends would enjoy it.


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