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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Meet Our New Sister

This is Sasha. She's a yellow Lab and was once a rescue.

This is Ernie. He's a Schnoodle and he was a rescue, too.

Ernie and Sasha are best friends. Recently their Mom told them that they were going to help her foster a little dog that didn't have a family. They were going to let her live with them and play with them until a new family came along to adopt her.

Then she brought home Chica.

At first Chica wasn't sure how to behave and get along with Ernie and Sasha, but very soon they became good friends. Chica became such an important part of the family, that Mom and Dad decided to adopt her and make her a permanent part of the family.

Now Ernie has a full time playmate.

Chica and Ernie love to race around chasing each other.

And when Chica gets tired of playing, she and Sasha can take naps together.

And then guess what happened? Mom and Dad decided to foster again and brought home Milli.

Milli is looking for her forever home, but in the meantime she's the perfect size to play with Chica. Congratulations to the whole family. What a happy ending for everyone.


  1. Four cuties all living peacefully. How very nice that is.

    Chica is a doll and I love the snoozy pic of her and Sasha! Milly will be great too. Two littles vs. two bigs!


  2. Beautiful. Congrats to the whole pack. If my grandmother was still alive, Milli wouldn't be looking any longer.

  3. That's how I ended up with my little pack! and I would not change a thing, either! Very sweet.

  4. That was beautiful!!! You did a wonderful job on posting this. Update: Milli was adopted by a great family and on March 6 went to live with them. We miss her. But now we have Edith. She is an older(10 yrs) Pomeranian. She was a puppy mill mama. She has some health issues but is beautiful. There is a meeting scheduled. Keep paws & fingers crossed it will be a good fit for her and she will have her forever home too.BIG thanks and Tailwags & slobbery kisses
    Ernie, Sasha, & Chica


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