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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Dog Tags

This is a good time to check your pet's ID tags. Are they still attached to the collar? Are they still legible? Have you moved or changed your phone number and forgotten to update the tags?

Maybe you'd like to get your best friend a fancy new tag just because you love him. Dog tags come in lots of materials, stainless, brass, plastic, enamel and others. They come in pretty colors and designs. They're now a fashion statement as well as a safety feature.

I get our tags at Boomerang Tags. They're not fancy, some are stainless and some are brass, but I've found that they are deeply engraved and the writing remains legible longer than any other tags we've used. Several of our dogs have medical conditions and I have those plus their vet's phone number engraved on the backs.

There are lots of other options for the well dressed pet. Here are just a few.
Good Dog Tags has a huge selection of designs. They have animal, nature, abstract, celestial and holiday designs. Check them out.
This is just a small sampling of their designs.

Red Dingo Dog Tags are stainless steel and enamel. They have a large selection of colors and designs. They also have some adorable cat ID tags featuring fish , mice, flowers, etc.

They're perfect for any size dog.

Some of the prettiest tags I've seen come from By Nicola. These are all handmade and are stainless with copper or silver.

There are a number of designs available.

Pet Expectations have a variety of shapes and colors available.

They also have some devices that are perfect for the lucky dog that has several collars.

This handy item is called the Nite Ize Pet Tag Holder. If you like to change your dog's collar with the seasons or to match your outfit, this makes it easy to just snap off the tags and switch them to another collar.

This is the Cetacea Tag It. It also holds the tags and clips onto the collar for easy removal.

Calling All Dogs have a lot of unique designs in various metals and colors. These are just a few of the styles they offer.

Be sure that the tags you buy are engraved and not stamped. The lettering on stamped tags will rub off from constant wear and won't provide the protection you're looking for. Check the tags frequently for legibility.

Even the very best tag won't protect your pet if it can't be read or if the pet loses it. Microchipping offers the best protection. If your dog or cat dashes out the door without it's collar when the UPS man knocks, a microchip can help him find his way back home safely. It's inexpensive and relatively painless and lasts for the life of the pet.

Happy tag shopping. It's like buying pretty jewelry for our pets, with a very practical purpose. Let us know if you have a favorite place to buy tags. We'll share with everyone.


  1. I have had two Red Dingo tags made, they are still in excellent condition and are very handsome. My trainer even noted what a nice tag it was!

  2. We use Cetacea... We haven't changed collars since I got the Cetas, but...

  3. Hi there,

    The dog tags are very pretty! The piappies will surely find it difficult to choose.

    -Fudgie, Princess, Frappie, Mocha, Sugar, Scrappy & Bullet

  4. Thanks Sue! My pup's tags are ok, but I have been looking for the thingy mabobber, that you can put their tags onto and change them out onto other collars! Thanks for the link!

  5. Just exactly what our Cricket needs! We are off to check out all your suggestions and will let you know our choice. Off the bat, Im liking the good boy tag!

  6. All 4 of our kids had a hodge-podge of misc tags bought over the years, but a few months ago I got Red Dingo tags for all 4 and I can't say enough good things about them! LOVE them... great quality and very cute!

  7. Hi Sue, Thanks for all the info on tags. Didn't know there were so many. Mom's going to have to check on them. Did like the Boomerang ones especially if they last a long time. Thanks for visiting us. Chica is very cute and we of course think she is special. (so are most pups we know) Yes you can use her picture. If you think you would like a different one Mom would be glad to send you one. She likes to use her camera. Thanks for visiting us.
    Ernie, Sasha, Chica & MOM


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