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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Introducing Ciara

There seem to be a lot of new babies to welcome lately. That's a very good thing!

This little beauty is Ciara. She's a Siberian Husky and she made her debut last week as the new baby sister of Phantom and Thunder.

Isn't she a sweet little girl? This was on her way to her new home. She hadn't yet met her new big brothers.

She thinks this is going to be a great new home where she has her own bed and lots of toys to play with.

Here is a family shot of Phantom, Ciara and Thunder. They're still getting to know each other and how the order will change.

Why do I think this little girl will be running the show before very long? She has that determined look about her. Congratulations guys on getting a new sister. Take good care of her.


  1. I just love Ciara! If she was my baby sister, I would take the best care of her and never let her get in trouble.


  2. Wow... she's stunning. And yes, she DOES have that look about her, doesn't she?

  3. Oh, you are so nice to feature me in this post. I am trying very hard to win my brothers over so that eventually I can take charge:) Mom says I need to forget about that for now and work harder on going potty outside. OK, OK, I know, I will do better tomorrow.

    Woos, Ciara

  4. She's a khutie pie!

    I was SOOOOO looking furward to her arrival in OP KS!

    She is SO going to show those boys how GIRLS RULE!


  5. Oh she's a doll. I want a pack someday!


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