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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Treat Seekers

Nothing is simple at our house. Sissy has an intolerance for corn meal and chicken meal, which seem to be directly related to another little medical issue of hers. (It's not fit for polite conversation, but her anal glands have ruled the kibble and treat situation at our house since she was just a few months old.)

We're fortunate to have a local pet food company, Sammy Snacks. While my fur-girls can't eat their kibble, they are hooked on their original Sammy Snacks. They are marketed "for you and your dog", but my girls aren't inclined to share. They're a great size for Gretchen (a wee Jack Russell Terrier), and Sissy (a basset hound) loves it when two or more are stuck together from the baking process. We've tried every variety, and haven't found a bad one yet.

A MOST special favorite is Carnivore Crunch by Stella and Chewy, in the beef variety. Actually, Sis tolerates the chicken variety too, but she's doing so well on a no-corn, no-chicken diet that we're sticking to the beef. Nichole introduced us to this ambrosia for dogs quite some time ago, and along with Sammies, it's the treat we're never without. We do use it only as a very special treat, such as after toenail torture for Sissy, or when Gretchen learns a new skill. They know when we reach for that bag, and they dance - right up until they sit firmly, which must happen for any treat to be dispensed.

Last, but hardly least, are Buddy Biscuits, from Planet Dog. We gave the seasonal gingerbread variety as Christmas gifts to our bigger doggy friends last year, and they were well-received, although my girls didn't care for it much at all. They're always up for peanut butter flavors, and I see they offer a sweet potato variety, so we'll be trying that soon too.
Please share your pets' favorite treats! We're always looking for something new, especially in small-dog bite-sized creations. Gretchen has to watch her figure, while Sissy is our hard keeper...


  1. Thor can't offer any words of wisdom, because "bite sized" for him would be "choke on it" sized for your little girls! Actually, Thor's favorite treats are any kind of bread I bake, preferably with some peanut know, the kind with the glucosamine for his hip hidden in them? Like I said, your girls would choke on his treats.

  2. I think the Buddy Biscuits made a seasonal pumkin that Abby had while she spent time in the "spa" last year. She loved them.

    Mine really love the soft liver treats. I don't know what they're caled. g

  3. My girls love Blue Dog Bakery Peanut Butter treats. Have you tried those?


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