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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Look Who Has A New Family

Say hello and congratulations to Lyric. She has a new home and a new family.

Lyric is an almost three year old Pomeranian whose first family didn't care enough to prevent her from getting heartworm. Heartworm is very easy to prevent, not so easy to cure. Rather than dealing with the treatment, they decided to euthanize her.

This perky little lady was very lucky. Nicki decided to foster her while she underwent treatment for her condition and in the process the family fell in love with the little charmer.

Now Lyric has been adopted by Nicki and has her own home in the country with a yard and playmates.

She shares her new life with Zodiac and Legend and is happy to be healthy again and have a caring home with a family that won't just give up on her.


  1. Lyric, you are a beauty! I know you've found a wonderful forever home now.

  2. What a wonderful, heartwarming story! Three cheers for Lyric and her wonderful forever home and family.

  3. It's always great to hear stories like this. I'm glad to hear that Lyric has finally found her forever home and that she'll be getting all the care and love that she deserves.

  4. awww, thanks for posting about us!

  5. What a cute girl. She's lucky to have found a wonderful home.

  6. So glad to see such a wonderful and happy outcome for this. Some people just should never be allowed to have a dog (i.e. someone who would euthanize a dog because of heartworm)!

  7. Such a wonderful story. Makes me think about adopting next time...


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