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Monday, September 14, 2009

Make Ours Unleaded

Since the big pet food recall a couple years ago, most of us have become much more conscious of what we feed our dogs and cats. I find myself standing in the food aisle reading labels and making comparisons online. None of the dog foods we used were involved in the recall, but we became better consumers anyway.

Now the problem seems to be treats. There are still recalls going on with dog treats that contain either salmonella or lead.

We are constantly on the alert for healthy and good tasting treats for our fur kids, and we've found a few that we want to share with you.

We found Robbie Dawg products when an order from included a sample. I immediately checked them out online and liked what I saw. Then we tried the taste test and my taste consultants informed me that these were especially good.

Robbie Dawg products are made in Brooklyn, NY and use US products. They make Robbie Dawg biscuits in such wonderful flavors as BBQ Chicken, Brooklyn Pizza, Peanut Butter and Carrot, Skillet Fish Fry and our favorite Turkey Sausage and Romano Cheese.

They also make Little Lulus' which were the first ones we tried. They are small in size but apparently huge in flavor. The offerings are Bacon and Parsley (think Morgan), Pumpkin Spice, Brooklyn Pizza and Lucy's very favorite Peanut Butter and Blueberry.

Robbie Dawgs and Little Lulus are available from Sit-Stay or from the Robbie Dawg website. My entire pack thinks they're wonderful and I also like the packaging.

Another treat that we use a lot in our household is Charlee Bears. OK, I did originally buy them because they had what I thought was a Portuguese Water Dog on the label, but they turned out to be a great product.

They are low cal, only 3 calories per treat, and for that reason I use them for training. They are a small size, easy to use in class because the dog doesn't have to stop to chew and they taste good. I know because I've tried them. They come in three flavors, liver, turkey liver and cranberry, and cheese and egg. The cheese and egg flavor taste a bit like a stale cheez-it cracker.

Charlee Bears are available in many pet warehouses such as Petsmart and also available by mail order from most of the pet catalogs.

There are other treats we like and use, but these are exceptional and I trust their ingredients. Closer to the holidays we'll post some recipes for homemade treats that you might want to make for your friends.


  1. Charlie treats always looked so DRY to me. I just never gave them to my Huck because I didn't think I'd like them ....ummm
    wasn't that silly!

  2. It's a problem, isn't it? Nowadays I only buy products that say made in Australia from only Australian ingredients. Maybe I'm naive in still trusting that means anything!

  3. I've stopped buying dog food and treats - I no longer have faith in the manufacturers. I make my own dog food, and for treats, my gang loves animal crackers - you know - the ones you give to little kids.


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