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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Be Prepared

The Boy Scouts had it right, BE PREPARED!

This week we were reminded yet again of how quickly a natural disaster can strike. Maybe we all need a reminder on being prepared to keep our pets as safe as possible. A little planning ahead of time can make a huge difference.
There are several web sites that give advice on disaster planning and have check lists to help you get organized.
The ASPCA has an especially good discussion of disaster preparedness on their site. It even breaks it down by planning for dogs and cats, birds, reptiles and other small animals. They list items that should be in your emergency kit and offer advice on arranging safe places for your pets.
Another excellent site to check out is this one. This site gives preparedness advice for us humans as well as our pets. They have a 12 item checklist for pets that I'm posting here.

Start by getting an emergency bag - a back pack, gym bag, suitcase or even a 5 gallon bucket.

1. On the top of the bag boldly print your name, phone numbers and pet's names.

2. Water and food enough for 3 - 7 days

3. Food and water dishes

4. Blanket or towel

5. Medicines, with instructions for use in a ziplock bag

6. Note listing your veterinarian, his number, the pet's names and your first and last names.

7. The name, address and phone number of a friend or relative where the pet might stay.

8. A favorite toy and some treats.

9. Collar and leash.

10. For cats and small dogs, a carrier, littler box and litter.

11. Small plastic bags and paper towels.

12. Picture of your pet, info on feeding and any behavioral issues. All written info should be placed in a waterproof container or ziplock bag.

Remember to keep some form of ID on your pet, either tags, a tatoo or microchip.

Keep extra leashes by the door so you save time making an exit.

It's handy to have your pet crate trained even if you don't regularly use one at home. If the animal becomes lost, it'll remain calmer in a crate if it's already familiar with one.

Many organizations and pet stores offer these rescue stickers that can be put on your door or window alerting rescue workers that there is an animal in your home that may need help.

A little advance planning can mean the difference between life and death when an emergency strikes.


  1. A very timely post...good info.

    Hope you have time to enter the Organix dog food giveaway:

  2. Thanks. this is a reminder we all need.

  3. We are an online community so I would suggest you pick one friend online who you don't know personally and give them some contact information for you in case something happens in your area and we don't here from you.

  4. what a fantastic post. I MUST do this. How littel time it would take and how valuable and wonderful it would be to help us stay connected in a bad situtaion.

  5. Channon~
    Thank you for the visit on our bloggy in regards to our sissy Josie,
    Your words were comforting to us,
    IzZY, Anakin Man and TriXie

  6. Great post! My mom has an emergency kit for us pups in her car. People think it's funny that our kit is bigger than the kit she has for hoomans, but usually us pups that play hard get into more trouble than hoomans do.

  7. Great post and thanks for the list.

    I love your motto!

  8. WOW !
    Great post, we don't live in your part of the world, we get them, but mostly they go un noticed.... but if we did have them so that extent here.... I would want to know my pet/s were safe... Great post and GOOD ADVICE
    x x x

  9. Excellent post with important info.

    Thank you, too, for stopping by and for your support, kind words, and drool for our Chloe! I know she feels the love! :-)


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