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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Hopping Down The Bunny Trail

Spring is here and Easter is coming up, so some families are thinking of adding a rabbit to the family. Rabbits can be great family pets under the right circumstances.

 Some things to consider if you're thinking about getting a rabbit are where will the rabbit live? Remember that rabbits are strong chewers and you want to keep electrical cords away. They'll also chew on wood, so you don't want them to have free access to your mahogany floor boards or furniture. The rabbit will need his own safe place to live.

 What about other pets in the household. If you have a pack of beagles who love to hunt, a rabbit is probably not a good choice, but some dogs and cats can learn to coexist with  rabbits and even become friends. You know you dog's temperament best. Be honest about whether he or she will accept a rabbit as a sibling.

 Your pet rabbit will need food and veterinary care, just as your other pets do. Be sure to ask questions and do your homework before  bringing any new pet into the household.

If you've thought it thru and decided that a rabbit is a good choice for your family, consider adopting a bunny from a shelter. Just as with dogs and cats, many people buy a rabbit on impulse and find that it's not a good fit for them. The poor animal winds up in a shelter hoping for a forever home.
                                                  Nightsong and Cinnamon

 All the bunnies shown in this post are available for adoption on Petfinder. Check out the ones in your area and give a loving home to an animal that needs you.

Although rabbits can be good pets, remember that children and other animals must be supervised while handling them. They can bond with people, but it takes longer than with dogs. They can become aggressive if not handled gently.  Don't buy a rabbit just because it's Easter, they're not toys. Do your homework as you would with any other pet and know what kind of rabbit you want, and how to care for it.
 Enjoy life with your new bunny.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

New Friends On The Blog

We've been letting things slip lately. We have a bunch of new friends that want to introduce to you.

The four B's (Benson, Bailey, Brody and Baxter) have a new little brother.
His name is Walter, so we guess they're now the 4 B's and a W. His bigger brothers will keep him busy learning to run and jump and splash with them at the dogpark.


Fuji, the Chihuahua, has a new playmate, too.
This is Randy.

He's a Vietnamese Pot Belly Pig and he's learning obedience. Check it our on their blog.


Over at the Dog Foster Mom blog, a new family member has moved in. Tiggr is actually a foster cat looking for a loving forever home, but because he's already seven years old, his chances of being adopted are slimmer than if her were a kitten. He has wonderful manners and may become a permanent family member.


Zona, Phoenix and Cali have new family members, too.
These are a momma goat and her baby daughter.
The pups can play with them while they wait for their new little boy to arrive.


At Golden Pines there are two new residents.
Bubba is now a permanent foster.
His brother Toby is being adopted by the family. Now the two brothers will live out their lives together. What a happy ending to their story. They join a group of Goldens and little Charlie to make a pack as big as ours.

Go meet these newcomers and welcome them to the blog community. The more the merrier.
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