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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year - New Friends

We have some new friends to introduce. These new family additions all arrived before Christmas and were all wanted and chosen by their new families. Giving animals as Christmas gifts is usually not a good idea.

 Meet Skittles.

 She came to liven things up for Sampson and Honeydew, two Bassets who apparently needed a kitten to keep them company and make their days more exciting. Her Mom says she likes to knock things on the floor and blame the dogs.



and Sirius

These two, Remi and Siri, were adopted by my friend Sue because she saw a mouse in the basement. I don't think either of these boys would know what to do with a mouse, but Sue's been too busy to think about mice since they came into her life.

Siri enjoys stealing the dog's food whenever possible and batting the pieces around the kitchen. Remi thinks it's fun to jump on the drapes and hang there until removed. It makes me think ten dogs are easy.

Are there any other new pups and kittens we should know about? We love posting puppy and kitten pictures.


  1. OH my gosh. THe kitten is adorable. One of my cats wouldnt know a mouse if it was buttered and fried for her. ALL the others, however are really good mousers. Radar, my deaf cat, loves to leave them for us on chairs......thanks Rad

  2. Too cute! I am so glad these sweethearts all found a loving family.

  3. Those are three very adorable kitties. We Sibes wish we had a puppy to share, but the Momster says we are dreaming.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  4. Lovely!! I miss having cats, but I'm now allergic and the Knight won't have any parts of a cat.

  5. All cute kitties!! Mommy's favorite is the first one :)

  6. I love the personalities of these cats! You know, cats were always my 'first love!' We had our first one for nearly 20 years--Skittles reminds me of her.

  7. Awwwww, thanks for including us! I will have to show them all when I get home from work! Have a great day!


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