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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

We Are The Cure

November is Canine Cancer Awareness Month.

Cancer affects one out of every three dogs. Of those, over half of them will die of cancer.

Any of us who have lived with dogs for any amount of time have experienced losing a furry friend to cancer. We lost Pylon and Monty to cancer. Monty was only nine years old.

Check out the National Canine Cancer Foundation's blog. It lists 7 important things you should know about canine cancer.

You can also read about the National Dog Wash   sponsored by John Paul Pets. It's a company owned by Paul Mitchell Hair Products. For a donation of $5 to the National Canine Cancer Foundation you will receive a package containing:
Tea Tree Shampoo
Pet Oatmeal Shampoo
a pink paw " We Are The Cure" decal
for every dog wash packet sold, will donate a meal to shelter pets
30 day free trial of Trupanion Pet Insurance

They depend on us. Be aware of the signs.


  1. I always, always click on here, some posts I can't comment, too sad that no "nice" words can ever relay how sad.....
    Out of four dogs... two of ours should have worn pink......... Bless their paws...

    Ames is still here... Thanks for all your posts
    :-) x x x I do read very one X

  2. You are right, to many dogs are dying from cancer. Our first Golden died from lymphoma at the age of 5...Very, very sad. A few years ago at the Golden Retriever National in Gettysburg they were collecting DNA samples from Goldens for a cancer study that is underway. I had 2 senior goldens who were 14 and 15 that they wanted samples from because of their age and because they had not been affected by cancer. I so hope that their contribution to that study helps to find and fight the cause for this terrible disease.

  3. Thanks, Sue. As you know, we lost Fred to cancer too. Love that Paul Mitchell has a campaign. Off to check it out!

  4. What a great cause. Thanks for sharing it.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  5. Thanks for sharing about Paul Mitchell campaign. Cancer took our greyhound, Tater. It happened very quickly, with very little warning. Then we found out a lot of greyhounds from the tracks had cancer too.

  6. I just had a friend lose a dog to cancer. So, so sad. Thank you for posting to help raise awareness.

  7. We did a post on cancer in dogs for Livestrong Day. Thankfully there seems to be more research, treatment and support for those struck with this terrible disease. Thanks for the link to the 7 Things to watch for- I have not seen that one.

  8. Thank you for your informative post, which I will share. This is a cause we can all help spread the word on. Cancer affects way too many lives, both human and canine. We are looking forward to the day when the headlines announce, "Cure for Cancer Found." I saw your blog from the Blog Hop, and am very glad I stopped by, and will be again.

  9. Thanks for the information Sue and raising awareness for this. Happy DOT's!

  10. I'm visiting form the blog hop...I didn't know that November is Canine Cancer Awareness month; thanks so much for sharing this important info & all of the related links... I will pass it on

  11. Thank you for this post. I've lost several greyhounds to cancer. I didn't know that November was Canine Cancer Awareness month.

    I think I will pass it along on my blog.


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