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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What Kind Of Dog Is That?

I love puppies. I guess that doesn't come as a big surprise to any of you.
I can't think of anything that can brighten my mood as fast as cuddling a warm puppy against my neck and inhaling that sweet puppy breath. I love their soft little ears and their smooth pink pads.

I've always thought that new puppies look like little fat sausages with ears, legs and tails. But, have you ever noticed that newborn puppies look alike regardless of what breed they are and what they'll wind up looking like when they grow up?

Here's a little quiz. See if you can tell what breeds these newborn puppies are.

Puppy # 1

Puppy # 2

Puppy # 3

Puppy # 4

Puppy # 5

Puppy # 6

Puppy # 7

puppy # 8

Puppy # 9

Puppy # 10

Puppy # 11

Puppy # 12

Puppy # 13

Puppy # 14

puppy # 15

Puppy #16

Puppy # 17

Puppy # 18

OK, notice how much alike they all look? They all have little round muzzles for easier nursing and they all have short, strong little front legs to help them find the milk bar and push their siblings out of the way. They're designed for survival in the first critical weeks of life. After that they'll start developing their breed characteristics.

The above are all purebreds, but mixed breeds look just like them. Did you guess what breeds they are?

Here are the answers:

Puppy # 1 Collie
Puppy # 2 Beagle
Puppy # 3 Scottish Terrier
Puppy # 4 Golden Retriever
Puppy # 5 Boston Terrier
Puppy # 6 Newfoundland
Puppy # 7 Border Collie
Puppy # 8 English Bulldog
Puppy # 9 German Shepherd
Puppy # 10 Staffordshire Terrier
Puppy # 11 Boxer
Puppy # 12 Labrador Retriever
Puppy # 13 Doberman Pinscher
Puppy # 14 Portuguese Water Dog
Puppy # 15 Weimaraner
Puppy # 16 Bedlington Terrier
Puppy # 17 Dachshund
Puppy # 18 Icelandic Sheepdog

How many did you get right? Aren't they cute? Wouldn't you love to cuddle any of them?


  1. WOW!! They do all look alike - isn't it amazing how different they look when they grow up. When I take my newborn Scotties in to get their dewclaws removed, people always ask me if they are Labs - but by the next week, I'm sure anyone could tell the difference - my 3 month old puppies are smaller than 6 week old lab puppies now.

  2. Well apparently I'm bad at this type of quiz! I only got the weim right. But I cry foul! Where was the basset puppy? Or the Jack Russel? or the bloodhound?

    Very cute and I would cuddle any of them in a heartbeat! g

  3. I got my feelings hurt. I got maybe five right?

  4. My goodness this is harder than it looks! Of course I want every one of them. You are right Sue snuggling a little puppy is the best. I am ashamed to say I only got three right!

  5. We didn't do very well, a puppy is a puppy is a puppy:)

    And they are all just adorable.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  6. So cute! What a fun quiz...though I was guessing guinea pig for most of them.

  7. Adorable... there's nothing better than a puppy and puppy breath!

  8. I got the dachsunds right, because we've had 3. Of course, we only got one as a puppy. But who doesn't love fuzzy baby animals, regardless of the breed?

  9. Nope, didn't get any correct. I also thought some looked like guinea pigs!

  10. I got every single one wrong. LOL Shows what knowledge I have!

  11. I got them all right - my answer was "adorable" for ALL of them! Does that make me a cheater? :)

  12. AWE SO CUTE, happy pet parent mother's day to everyone!

  13. Just found you by clicking on Downunder Daisy's site and got to say it, what a great quiz!!!

    Don't they just all look (mostly) the same.

    Loved picture 3 best but there again, I would, being a Scottish Terrier and all.

    Will be popping in from time to time.

    Hector McKenzie
    and Bonny + typist.

    1. so cute, our friends dog had puppies last night

  14. Cool quiz, we were very surprised by the answers. Cheers from the blog hop!

  15. Who cares! Just give me one of each!

  16. What a great little quiz. We failed miserably. But they are all so beautiful. Love that puppy breath! THanks for sharing and educating.

  17. i'm surprised i only missed five

  18. I only guessed six :) They are amazing little creatures that's for sure.


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