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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pets and Allergies

Hello out there! I am still alive and well...

We've spent the last few weeks on another adventure with Sissy. We now have a new to us vet with a special interest in nutrition and digestive issues, a new diet (for the dogs, thanks much) and we might finally be making progress on Sissy's life-long problem with her anal glands. Along the way, our friend AllyB and her dog Sam introduced us to allergy testing for pets. Her vet used The Spectrum Group, but I'd love to hear any experiences you've had with similar services and/or other types of allergy testing for pets.

(See that super-pink belly?! That's not ideal... no wonder the girl always wants someone to rub her belly.)

I'll be asking New Vet about the blood testing on Monday when the girls go in for follow-up on Sissy and a "meet and greet" plus annual exam for Gretchen. I've had a dog with seasonal allergies and he spent his last years on assorted allergy pills, but this is a whole new adventure for me. How many of you have had pets with allergies, and what sorts? How did you manage them?


  1. Wish we could be more help, but the biggest allergy issue we have had is with Phantom, corn is a no no for him. We just switched food. A lot of dogs with allergies move to raw feeding and avail themselves of help from holistic vets. We wish you luck in finding a solution for Sissy.

    Tail wags, Phantom and Thunder

  2. Looking forward to hearing all about Sis' journey and about other's experiences with that blood test.

  3. Hucky had some seasonal allergies. We bathed him frequently. as in twice a week. We used a spray if hot spots appeared. New grass growing really got him itchy. His allergies got worse with age, perhaps with seasons. We live in Midwest.

  4. I suspect we may be headed down the same road in the spring, and will watch this with interest. I have nothing to offer in the way of knowledge but hope you find an answer...

  5. Our hot and humid weather doesn't bode well with the basset hound (with excess folds of skin) ... they're prone to yeast infection and grass makes 'em itch too.


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