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Saturday, October 3, 2009

We Have A New Home

While we're on the subject of rescue, we want to introduce two dogs that have just found their new safe home.

Meet Clyde and Bonnie.

This adorable pair were dumped by uncaring people, but fortunately for them they found Elizabeth and her family.

The duo had some health problems that needed to be addressed. Bonnie had an injury to her foot, probably caused by a trap and both had ear infections and worms. Those have all been resolved and a spay and neutering have made them ready to join the other four rescue dogs in the family. They also have several cats and a bird to call family. Clyde, as often is the case with white dogs, is deaf, but his new family accepts his handicap and will work with him.

Please join us in welcoming Bonnie and Clyde and congratulating them on finding their safe place with a loving family.


  1. What a wonderful story! Hurray for Bonnie and Clyde and their new family. This just warms my heart. Thank God for people like Elizabeth. Milo and I send hugs and a big welcome. Yeah for Rescue!

  2. Three cheers for Elizabeth! Bonnie and Clyde are adorable.

  3. What a beautiful pair! Congrats to the both of them on finding a new family. Thanks for sharing their story with us.

  4. YEAH!!!!! THey are a gorgeous pair!

  5. Hi Sue...thank you for the lovely article featuring our two newest family members! Bonnie and Clyde are doing beautifully and are healing quite nicely after their little snippy party. Almost through with their antibiotics and loving their new crates and comfy mattresses. They are an adorable and loving pair and I am so thankful they found us...I love your site!

  6. Hi Sue...thank you for the wonderful thoughts for our Thanksgiving. All is well and we are looking forward to an even better year ahead. I love all that you do for dogs and the new puppies are just precious!


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