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Saturday, July 18, 2009


First some general announcements.

Natalie who owns Addie, please email me. My address is on the sidebar. Your comment section on your blog isn't working and I can't get in touch.

Daisy who has the PWD, will you email me, too. I'd like to chat about our breed.

I have listed all the books mentioned so far on the Shelfari shelf on the sidebar. I also added some that Nichole has reviewed on her blog and a few of the book on knitting for pets. To use the shelf go to the next button and the books on the next shelf appear. If you put the cursor on a book, you'll get information on that book and probably where to buy it. Shelfari is owned by Amazon, so they will try to sell you a book. Many of these can be found in your local libraries.

Please send in any pictures of your pets that died prior to 2009. We will show the pictures and whatever you would like to say about them starting on September 1. If you prefer not to write anything, at least give us the pet's name and dates of birth or adoption and death. We'd like to honor these beloved pets. If your pet died this year, we will honor them in December.

Today's topic is toys. If your household is like ours, the pets get very excited when new toys come thru the door.

With ten dogs and two birds, we tend to buy in large quantities.

We have found that our dogs have preferences as to what type of toys the enjoy. They also play with them differently.

Lucy was very little and couldn't pick up a tennis ball. She also wasn't into retrieving. She liked to carry her toy around and occasionally shake it and growl at it. Then she would take it off to her bed to nap with it. She didn't destroy her toys.

Although Monty was a big, strong dog, he loved stuffies. This one, pink pig-bunny was his favorite. He carried it everywhere with him and would hand it to me to hold when he went outside. He never destroyed a toy and played gently with them. He could catch and sometimes would chase a ball or frisbee.

These are glow balls, one of our universal favorites. They soak up light, then glow in the dark, in case you're longing to have a 3AM game of fetch. Sky carries one of these around constantly. If he doesn't have one in his mouth, it's nearby and he knows where.

This is Bailey showing off a glowball. She has chewed a couple of them and Fudge has hidden a few, so we'll be placing an order soon for a new supply.

This is Samba's and possibly my favorite. It's the 'Flying Cow' frisbee by Bamboo. Samba goes crazy when she sees this come off the shelf. She starts jumping and barking and will chase it until she drops. She taught the puppies how to play with this and they all love it. We have three of them and gave one to each puppy that left for new homes.

It's my favorite because Bamboo guarantees it's toys. Morgan chewed the first one we had, so I sent it along with the receipt (always save your receipts) back to the company and they sent me two brand new ones for free. They are a great company and I highly recommend them.

This is one of our newer toys, but very popular. It's a 'Wubba'. It sails thru the air and squeaks and comes in different sizes. They make them for very little dogs and very large ones. My pack loves it. As you can see in the picture, one of it's tails has been chewed off by Miss Morgan.

Here she is endorsing the Wubba.

Samba thinks it's perfect for retrieving.

Holly likes her yellow wooden duck. She chews on the wood and it has rope cords hanging down that she grooms. It's the perfect size for her to hide behind. Buddy used to love his bell. He rang it when he wanted attention and he would talk into his mirror.

Now it's your turn. What's your pet's favorite toy? How does he/she play with it? Do you play together with it? Send in pictures of your pet, dog, cat, bird, horse, any pet, with their favorite toy. On the side bar I have listed some of my favorite web sites for buying toys. I'll research which ones ship internationally. Let us know where you buy toys. Everyone is always on the lookout for new and hopefully inexpensive toys for our best friends.


  1. Oh - let's see. Abby plays ball - but not to retrieve so much as to play soccer with it. The game is played on her terms and not very often. I (or another human) roll the ball, she chases it, picks it up, runs back to her bed, throws and tosses it around, bats it with her feet, and squeeks it. She has big fun.

    Beau and Lucy love anything that will squeek. The smaller the better - seriously. If Lucy can fit the entire toy in her mouth to make noise then Beau can't wrestle it away from her.

    Dudley likes to carry his toys around and prefers if they make noise. he likes the ones that chirp like frogs or make bubble sounds. I have to keep them away from the tall dogs because they crack those noise boxes in one session.

    One toys no longer make noise - they are fair game to be destroyed. Although Beau likes to carry around "dead soldiers" and keep them safe - sleeping with them.

    Whew - sorry that was so long. g

  2. For puzzle toys I really like the Tug-A-Jug by Premier. Feel free to check it out here: It's very interactive, though it takes a persistent dog. Barrett loved it, Ellie gives up a little quicker than he did. But she is still young and has time to become more of a tug-a-jugger....

  3. Well my little angel is a sweet little kitty named Mitzi. I love her dearly even if her toys are strewn all over the house! She loves carrying little soft pom pom balls everywhere she goes. Usually in the morning when I wake up there are at least a half a dozen or so, in and on the bed which mysteriously get put there during the night. She has done this for as long as we have had her. Just one of her little quirks I guess.
    By the way i love this new blog Sue, You have done a great job!

  4. As always, I love your pictures! The bone full of toys is hilarious!

    Chloe used to love to shred stuffed toys to kill the squeaker and then she was done with them. She's not as interested as she's getting older, unless she takes one of Abbie's to tease her. Abbie loves her stuffies and every night takes one of her babies out of her toy basket to clean and groom. She always brings us a stuffed toy when she needs to go to the potty and to greet us when we get home. Lately, her favorite has been her realistic bunny - she keeps it next to her while she stares out the window looking for real bunnies.

  5. Addie LOVES tennis balls, she has them all over the house - in the couches, under beds, in closets, corners, outside, in her basket... She prefers her pink tennis ball to the boring yellow ones.

    She's not huge on toys, but loves all her plushies, especially the ones with squeakers. She never really took to her Kong.

    One of her favorite toys is the Busy Buddy. I'm not a huge fan of rawhide, but this bone is great. She chews on it whether or not it has the rawhides, since it's a good chew toy and tastes like the rawhide. But you can put rawhide rings on that are decently tough for them to chew, so it occupies her really well if she needs to be distracted or something. In fact, she needs a new one because hers is in pretty bad shape now. It holds up pretty well, but what with the chewing on the rawhides it needs to be replaced now and then. She's had it for almost a year though.

  6. Gretchen is all about a very specific small rubber ball, and a very hard to find brand of nylon bones called Fido something or another.

    Sissy prefers toilet paper cores and other cardboard trash. Sigh.

  7. Toy? Golden Retriever and toy are almost always used in the same sentence. We have so many toys we have had to put half of them in the attic. Tennis balls keep them entertained for hours. but for all the toys we present to our goldens, without a doubt the top two toys are the H2O discs and the hedgehog. Sunny can't go anywhere without her hedgehog. Jackson loves the Giant Hedgehog.
    We have purchased about 10 H2O discs. They play with them so much that the disc gets waterlogged and difficult to throw a long way, so we rotate them. You can see how much fun they have in pictures throughout my blog but here's some of the best

    Beau, on the other hand, has never ever played with toys. Perhaps, it is because I didn't get him as a pup and he never learned to play. I don't know. He will, however, eat a toilet paper roll in a heartbeat.

  8. Love the bookshelf!

    Toys... I did a post about a month or so ago that showed a little "cleaning and organizing" of toys... we have an overabundance, that's for sure. Most popular are always marrow bones, kongs, anything that's stuffed & squeaks, etc. Balls are popular when you're willing to toss them (esp with Tut) and Zeus LOVES to play tuggy with you...

  9. loved reading this. suffles gets bored with toys, except 'hedge', which is a stuffed hedgehog which she has had for about 5 years. it is all tatty, i have sewn it a million times, but she loves it....mostly though she likes the plastic milk container, washed when empty and crushed slightly, so she can run after it and get it in her teeth. she also likes to play with and rip up all boxes (containers) after we have emptied them of food...she can smell the previous contents i think.


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